Version 2.1 Release Notes

v2.1 2023-01-25

Change Summary

  • Summarizing placed based media at DMA or global scope returns null reach and frequency

When performing an inventory summary operation via the /inventory/search/summary API endpoint for Place-Based OOH/DOOH inventory with a target geography set to DMA wide or Global scope returned reach and frequency were null. This has been corrected.

v2.1 2022-08-29

Bug Fixes

  • Aggregate Reach for Packages & Groups of Spots Calculated Incorrectly in Specific Scenarios

    GPAPI-524 Reach Aggregate Calculation Error

    Aggregate reach was reported incorrectly in scenarios where an unusually large number of impressions are generated by out-of-market traffic in proportion to impressions by people domiciled in the target market. This could cause an aggregate reach to be returned that was less than the reach of the highest spot in the aggregated group.  This has been corrected to ensure in all scenarios aggregated reach for groups of roadside spots are consistent with the reach of individual spots in the group.

  • v2.1 Schema update to maintain internal compatibility between v2.1 and v2.2 API Code

    GPAPI-526 Add place based data fields for v2.2 compatibility

    Three place-based data fields were added to the v2.1 database schema to maintain compatibility with the v2.2 API source code. This change only affected Geopath internal code and processes.

v2.1 2022-08-05

Bug Fixes

  • Reach and Frequency returned incorrect values at venues with multiple identical inventory records
Previously, users were observing unusually large frequency measures and unusually low reach measures when accessing aggregate measures via the /inventory/search/summary and the /inventory/plans API endpoints for Place-Based OOH/DOOH inventory installed at venues with multiple identical inventory records. Geopath has updated this API endpoint to return the correct values. 

  • Reach and Frequency returned null or zero values when using a specific API endpoint
Previously, the API v2.1 /inventory/measures/summary endpoint would incorrectly return null values for the freq_avg, eff_freq_avg, eff_reach_net and eff_reach_pct fields as well as zero values for the reach_pct and reach_net fields. Geopath has updated this API endpoint to return the correct values.

v2.1 2021-12-09

Bug Fixes

  • The Market Plan endpoint is accepting null fields in a request as opposed to ignoring them, resulting in issues with the response given. 

v2.1 2021-10-28

Bug Fixes

  • Inventory/Search having certain issues with plant/operator spot and frame ids that had mixed cases

  • R/F for place based locations will now be capped at the individual place level to prevent duplication from multiple inventory that are reaching the same audience.

    • Place-based R/F still based on the entire market, not just venue inventory is located within.

v2.1 2021-10-14

  • This release was cancelled. Fixes moved to 2021-10-30

v2.1 2021-09-16

New Features

  • Default segment set in database per forecast. Previously the default segment that returns when no segment is provided was hardcoded. It will now be set in the database on a forecast basis.

  • Proactive efficiencies introduced into tables used by the measures calculation process.

  • Additional hourly audiences made available. The 4 core audiences using Transport Foundry data that excludes group quarters populations will now be available when requesting hourly measures.

Bug Fixes

  • Default base audience was not matching the target segment provided in the /measures/summary(aka custom calc) endpoint.

  • Summary Measures returning differently when using a target_segment_list in the request.

  • Summary Measures R/F returning differently based on summary level used.

  • Spots not being displayed for some inventory in the API documentation portal.

Associated Non API Changes

  • Reach & Frequency issues for periods longer than 84 days in the /measures/summary endpoint were hot fixed with notification on 8/28

v2.1 2021-09-02

New Features

  • Added ability to search by different representation types

  • Added better sorting on the market search endpoint to sort by type of market and the market id

  • Added additional "open_date" field to better support future place based needs

  • Additional error codes to better understand when failures are DB errors or DB timeouts

  • Additional access control headers added to responses when request errors happen to better accommodate user application error handling

  • Changes to how the fieldset parameter is used in the measures/summary endpoint to match other endpoints.

Bug Fixes

  • Error that was preventing certain string based operator IDs from being used in /search endpoints

  • Error that was showing more spots than requested when measures were not being requested

  • Error where non active operator records were being included in operator searches

Associated Non API Changes

  • Backend DB timeout better matches API timeout.