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These pages outline a set of guidelines and references to be consulted during the usage of the Geopath API. The should be used in conjunction with the Geopath API documentation portal which details the data needed to make API requests and the data returned in the response.

These recommendations should be used whenever developing tools and workflows that require getting information about Geopath OOH inventory and Geopath OOH measurements.


PLEASE NOTE: Existing 2023 audience measures and forthcoming 2024 audience measures will ONLY be available via Geopath API version 2.2. Geopath 2021R1 audience measures are ONLY be supported when retrieved using Geopath API version 2.1, which is scheduled for deprecation (sunset) on 12/31/23. All members using the Geopath API are required to enhance their configurations to use API version 2.2; please refer to this list of breaking changes to prepare for the new API release.