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  • In a small percentage of scenarios, metrics for an /inventory/plan could change slightly due to small differences in spot selection as a result of spots not qualifying for plan inclusion due to their Geopath audit status.

  • Spots specified in the optional /inventory/plan include_spots lists will be included in the plan in the order that they are specified in the include_spots list, before any other spots are included to meet the plan goal. Previous to this change, the order of included_spots was not guaranteed.

  • Endpoints (e.g., /inventory/search or /inventory/plans ) that support specification of an audience base_segment, did not ensure the combination of audience base_segment and audience target_segment are compatible. Incompatible combinations of base_segment and target_segment now return an error. In conjunction with enforcing allowable base_segments for a target_segment, we have enabled all audience segments to be their own base_segment.

  • When a spot lock is included as part of a media_type_group specification in /inventory/plans, and if the spot lock value is greater than the total spots available in the requested geography, then /inventory/plans incorrectly returned the lock value as total spots in the market. 

  • Inclusion of the fieldset parameter caused some /inventory/search/named requests to fail in offline mode.

  • /inventory/search/named and /inventory/search/summary did not report errors when an inventory_market_list attribute contained invalid geography identifiers, and instead would silently remove the invalid geography, potentially falling back to all inventory if no valid geography identifiers were specified. Inventory Market list will now return an error when an invalid market list is included in an API request.